Adversity: There's gold on the other side of the mountain

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In every walk of life there will be a time when you get placed in situations where you feel like there is a mountain of adversity.  But with every step there is a chance to learn and apply new ways of thinking.  With the right discipline these moments of adversity can help you see the next step and pitfall helping you become a better leader and mentor for your business, workplace or family.

Team building 101


Alex has developed this presentation by pulling from his role as a captain of the University of Oregon football program that won the prestigious Pac-10 Championship and put them in the Rose bowl for the first time in 37 years, even after starting the season 1-2! With Alex's leadership, the team worked hard to establish a deeper relationship with one another that allowed them to refocus and come together for one common cause & in the process rewrite U of O HISTORY.

  • Defining the obstacles in the way.
  • Creating a strategy to break bad habits.
  • Working with your team to determine where they are now and where they need to be for greater success.
  • Enhancing communication and support within the team.

Leaders leave clues

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In 2001, everyone knew that "LT" was going to be a very special running back, but Drew Bree's was special in his own way. He was a leader of men & I was lucky enough to have a locker right smack dab in between these two future Hall of Famers. Even as a 8-year NFL veteran I realized that we are only limited by the people or things that we allow to limit us and if you surround yourself with people that have the right mindset, vision & leadership qualities, the skies the limit."

Building a winning mindset: Don't get ready, stay ready


After playing many years in the NFL and being "cut" by three different teams, Alex realized the keys to always staying ready for the next opportunity: Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

In this module Alex will explain the keys to always staying ready for your next opportunity.

What it takes to win

1. Be willing to learn.

2. Be a Bulldog.


4. Leaders leave clues....sometimes without even saying a word!