What they're saying about Alex.


I have heard Alex present using various life lessons on several occasions, the latter of which I hired him to speak to my team. Alex is well organized and thoughtful, by seeking to understand the expectations prior to the event, and deliver content based on team needs. Alex also pivots during the speaking to respond to questions with agility and diplomacy.

Based upon my interactions with Alex, his team building presentations resonate, and provide food for thought in future. I would highly recommend him for any team event.


Sandra W.

Nike Sr. Director

 Alex Molden is a man of excellence. Every player on our team was able to relate to Alex. Alex’s talk highlighted work ethic, drive, determination and internal leadership. Very important topics for our team who is working on excellence on and off the field. Alex’s talk opened up further conversations on our team and indeed made us better for it. I would highly recommend having Alex speak to your “team” if you are given the opportunity.

Coach John Walsh

Football H.C. of Pomona-Pitzer Univ.

One of my top focuses was to strengthen my role in leadership and communication.  The concepts and system that Alex put me through during our "training camp" helped me 

understand how to build a galvanized team and meet objectives that will help me be a better leader.

Lenar M.

Microsoft Manager 

Absolutely Fantastic! One of the best speakers I have ever heard! Honored to have  him share his wisdom with the team today.  Alex took learning and insights from an American sport and made them relevant in business and life for a global audience. Alex was simply legendary for our team.

Kieran Ronan

Nike Global Equipment General Manager

Alex was a great highlight to our company's annual retreat! He was so easy to work with and aligned his speech perfectly with our companies goals. Our employees walked away from his talk with a newfound sense of excitement to take on our competition and Alex provided us with the tools to do so. I can truly say we are all Built to Win after his talk.

Ali H.

Office Manager at Hiya Inc.

Alex spoke to the students at our alternative high school. He was inspiring, wise and fun! The combination of his personal stories and general life lessons made for an entertaining and engaging presentation. His positive attitude and message gave our community just the boost it needed. We are grateful for his visit and sincerely hope he will return in the future. 

Maureen Geraghty

Teacher at Reynolds Learning Academy

Thank you for speaking to us today. You laid things out so clearly and wrapped it all up so succinctly. But at the same time it was like you were just sitting with us and telling a story...and I was enthralled the entire time. It was the best of both worlds: informative and entertaining.

Charli Nesbitt

Nike Group Fitness Manager (NAC)